Shame on BBC

BBC has been going on Potemkin village HouthiWood Tours, and republishing libel and slander.

fake lies BBC report on Sanaa

It has a one sided biased view from the perspective on the Houthis, only covered Aden twice when pushed, and published false information Taiz stating Houthi crimes were caused by Saudi for example bombing civilian houses in civilian areas in the heart of allied territory.They have similar published biased information on Ukraine and Syria, and have been lobbyied by Russia and Iran with perks like 5 Star hotels, hard to find tickets to sporting events.

BBC has a history of reporting false, one sided Soviet Oddessa Steps Einstein style blatant propaganda for Houthis. The same G Gatehouse and Jeremy Bowen of BBC are known to report propaganda for the Russia-Iranian axis in other countries such as Syria and Ukraine.

bowen bbc 2

Here Jeremy Bown of BBC interviews the leader of the Houthis, Mohammed Al-Houthi, and films him hugging a boy and an girl. It is the equivalent of going to Nazi Germany, filming Hitler and interviewing him. Houthis are infamous for burning Synagogues, churches, Sufi libraries and attacking homes of black Yemenis for their skin colour. houthi caveman with kids 2

In this report Bowen of BBC says “the middle east richest country is bombing the poorest.” This is communist propaganda without context. The Houthi militia shouting “Death to Israel, Damn the jews” over took the capital and began an Nazi like campaign of war, imperialism, attacking jews and minorities, killing blacks and stifling dissent.

houthi at protest jan 26 with knives

They took the capital in a coup on September 21rst 2015. Saudi only interfered in February 2015 after their jets began bombing the President Hadi in Aden and their troops were doing military exercises on the Saudi border, and they were passing out maps for the invasion of Saudi Arabia.houthi fanatasy mapAnd handed out posters like this

houthi loves putlerAnd walked with posters like this. houthi coup day

They committed many crimes since September as they plundered the capital, forced the the niqab, harassed women, hacked people to death with knives, plundered.

forced veil

houthis with knives Jan 26 2015

25 Jan 2015 Houthi

Houthi killed hodeidah student Feb 06 2015

Houthis hacked this man to death in Hodeidah. They began arresting journalists like this man and later used them as human shields to weapons bases, were they were blown up. The only journalists allowed to report and were not kidnapped were ones pushing Houthi propaganda.

houthi taiz kidnap victim

They began to stifle dissent and local activists were kidnapped. Maria Al-Masani received this from Yemen

houthi crimes

Houthis also plundered and pillaged and began to make their way to plunder and burn Aden then Taiz.

march 11 houthi robbers

This is where BBC came and did a tour of Sanaa, when activists all over twitter had been tweeting about #Houthicrimes and the stifling of dissent in Yemen. A quick twitter search on the hashtag #Yemen would let journalists know that the only tour they would be allowed is a Northern Korean style Potemkin village tour. When BBC journalists were on this Houthiwood tour they could have asked access to other areas, to speak to dissidents or the other side. Somehow BBC wasn’t interested.

BBC’s report reads that “Saudi Arabia, the richest country in the Middle East, is bombing the poorest”. He misses the context that at this point South Yemenis, Mareb and other provinces began an armed organized resistance and Saudi was only providing air cover, Libya style. The report reads in a Houthi way: Civilian suffering, Airstrikes exposed. It is not objective, and completely ignores the Houthi coup, which forced Yemenis to beg for Saudi support so that Yemen doesn’t turn into another Bashar Assad’s Syria.

bbc civilian suffering from airstrikes exposed

Then he says definitely “But they haven’t forced the Houthis to give up them give up their arms no territory they captured”. This is not objective reporting, this is reporting propaganda imbedded with a milita known as Shiite ISIS famous for its screams of Death to Jews.

aden woman winning seperatist

Women like her were armed by Saudi Arabia to defeat the Houthi barbarians.  And men like these

dhale fighers

The reporter goes on and says the “Houthis are part of a largerly home grown fight for power.

No they are a shiite ISIS that burns churches and the houses of Yemen’s jewish community.

church 2 pic 1


st francis church

This report was in June after the church lootings in Aden. Houthis were starving Adenis, preventing access to medicine, food.

aden houthi crimesSo Bowen of BBC filmed “the defacto president” kissing a little girl and boy, like western politician kissing babies instead, saying they neither lost territory or weapons they gained.
bbc airstrikes fake 2


Bowen then says Saudi intervention makes the Yemen war part of the Middle East’s most significant confrontation, completely ignoring Houthi Shiite ISIS pillaging the lowerlands of South and Central Yemen from their highlands.

BBC Houthi love
The Death to Jews shouting Al-Houthi tells Bowen that he is crucial to exposing “Saudi genocide” . This is how non elite Sanaa residents see this “Saudi genocide”

07 04 2015 sanaa
 The “horrible Saudi bombing” at the time of the video from a Sanaa resident in a non elite part of town. Affash is the nickname Yemenis have for the ex president Ali Saleh who united with the Houthis he bombed 6 times to create the Houthi coup. Hadi was the first Sunni president in 300 years, and Yemeni shiites voted for him in droves, far more and with more excitement than Saleh, a very bloody, corrupt and incompetent leader who brought poverty and alqaeyda to Yemen .  Saleh used bribery and of course the jealous of how come a Sunni is ruling over Zaidyi elites. Houthis were known as royalists in the Yemeni civil war and admantly believe the leader should be a Zaiydi from the rule and pure bloodline of the prophet Mohammed rather than by merit. Saleh is also a Zaiydi. Political Zaiydi shiism demanding only Shiite elites rule is called Zawadism. Most poor and middle class Zaiydi shiites do not subscribe to this doctrine and have regularly united with Sunnis, Sufis and others to overthrow the corrupt Zawadi elites.

Then Bowen says how Alqaeyda takes Yemen territory. In Yemen Alqaeyda was know to be the cash cow of the former president Saleh who also runs the Houthis and used a Sunni Militia Islah to destroy Aden in 1994 in the almost the same manner as the Houthis (but slightly marginally less but still very brutaly as they didn’t have training from Bashar Assad at that time).

Here is an interview with an Alqaeyda informant proving what most Yemenis say that Ali Saleh runs Alqaeyda here is a Foreign Affairs Journal article that even states that Ali Saleh says Alqaeyda is no danger to his friends since he owns it

bbc airstrikes fake 2