Save Aden’s Churches

Houthis have repeatedly torched Aden’s historic churches in South Yemen, the same way the Islamic State does, built since the beginning of British Colonialism. Unlike other secular western NGOs, practicing Christians have been peaceful and never took sides, never intervened. Like the Islamic state, Houthis want an Imammite, a Shia Islamic state based on bloodline, religion and sect.

Houthi-Saleh militants first looted then burned them several times. They have also attacked Hindu temples and jewish communities in Saada.

church 2 pic 1

Here is an article on it:

This is one of the church set by Houthi Islamists and here is another, the Baderi church

baderi church 3

Al Baderi Church, one of Aden’s most famous landmarks located in the Crater district, was also severely damaged.

The Houthis stormed the church at the start of April, destroyed the statues inside and scrawled slogans on the walls, said Nizar Ali, a guard at the building which dates to the 1920s.

“It was a historic place that many visitors from different religions visited, and this is how Aden used to be, but the Houthi rebels wanted Aden to be the city of war,” he said.

baderi church 5

The guard was a Muslim, but cared for the historic site.

When the Houthis attacked Ali broke into tears and the rebels falsely accused him of not being a Muslim.

“Even if there [is] reconstruction for everything in Aden, I think it is difficult to reconstruct the historic places such as this church,” he said.

church 2 pic 2

st francis church

Houthis attack second church

church destruction by houthis

houthi st francis

baderi church 4

Houthis have similarly attacked and sacked jewish community and attacked their Torah books.

Moussa says, “Houthis destroyed our houses and sanctuaries, bombed our cars and took our money and property.”

He also indicated that they took over a library holding historical manuscripts, including a rare copy of the Torah that Americans of Israeli origin tried to buy for $100,000, yet their offer was rejected. With the continuous harassments, Yemen became almost devoid of any forms of Jewish culture, which had existed there for centuries.


According to historical sources, until the 1930s, there were no less than 40 synagogues in Sanaa alone. Today, not one is left.

Houthis also attacked Hindu temples in Aden

aden hindu temple

More than half a dozen temples were built in Aden, Yemen, in the 19th century. The Shree Trikamraiji-Haveli Temple was built in 1862, followed by the ‘Sheikh Othman’ Hanumanji Temple, Shree Ramchanderji Temple, Shree Hingraj Mataji Mandir and Shree Shankar Hanuman Temple. There is also a Jain temple and a Sikh Gurudwara in Aden.

yemen hindu temple

However, a Houthi ISIS style Sharia Kangaroo court in Aden slated to destroy a Jain temple.

hindu temple protest 2

hindu temple protest 2

Houthis have a history of intolerance and have attacked other religious minorities like Sufis.

Houthis are owned by Ali Saleh who founded Alqaedya in Yemen. In Yemen Alqaeyda was know to be the cash cow of the former president Saleh who also runs the Houthis and used a Sunni Militia Islah to destroy Aden in 1994 in the almost the same manner as the Houthis (but slightly marginally less but still very brutaly as they didn’t have training from Bashar Assad at that time).

Here is an interview with an Alqaeyda informant proving what most Yemenis say that Ali Saleh runs Alqaeyda here is a Foreign Affairs Journal article that even states that Ali Saleh says Alqaeyda is no danger to his friends since he owns it . Any “alqaeyda” action is paid by Ali Saleh, which is why ISIS blows up mosques in Sanaa but supposedly its militants exist in Mukalla where the drone strikes are.

It is clear that Saleh and Houthis destroyed the churches. 

These churches are an important part of Aden’s historic and multicultural heritage. They must be restored and we need your help in organizing a campaign to restore these historic buildings ransacked by Houthi barbarians. Houthis and Saleh ousted the legitimate government of Hadi in a coup in September 21 2014.

houthi at protest jan 26 with knives

When Houthis bombed Hadi and made military maneuvers towards Saudi and send threatening maps and pamphlets Saudi intervened in Feburary 2015 at the request of the Hadi government to help the Hadi government.

houthi fanatasy map

houthi loves putler

During this war, the Houthis burnt the churches. As Aden has been liberated by the South Yemeni resistance combined with Saudi and Arab country forces, it is finally possible to rebuild and restore Aden’s historic heritage like it’s churches that are not just the heritage of Christians but the historic heritage of all Adenis, South Yemenis and Yemenis.

Help us save and restore Aden’s chruches

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