Houthis Vicious Targeting Women as a Weapon of War

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Offline and Online Houthi “women” attack female activists who oppose them, using defamation, in ways that have never been seen before in Yemeni society. Houthis have been trained in sectarism in Bashar Assad’s Syria and Bekaa valley in 2013.  Here is a summary of the confessions of the kind of men that trained the Houthis. http://aranews.net/2015/03/syrian-regime-coordinates-military-training-with-yemeni-houthis/

A thank you to @YemeniAbroad’s translation https://yemeniabroad.wordpress.com/2015/09/25/english-translation-of-radthiya-al-mutawakils-houthi-women/

asssad houthis

For the equivalent of £300 a month, plus a £100 bonus for every victim, he had become a hired killer for President Bashar al Assad, he said. What was more, he had enjoyed every minute of it. “We love Assad because the government gave us all the power – if I wanted to take something, kill a person or rape a girl I could,” he said, in a calm, quiet voice devoid of remorse. “The government gave me 30,000 Syrian pounds per month and an extra 10,000 per person that I captured or killed. I raped one girl, and my commander raped many times. It was normal.”


It is no wonder this dehumanization of enemy women took place in the Houthis. They decided to attack in Houthi way, relevant to Yemen, where women’s reputation used to matter as a form of social status. Houthis believe in a form of political Zaidyi Shism known as Zawadi. Not al Zaidyis are Zawadi, and Zawadi warlords like to assassinate non-Zawadi Zaiydi elites who stand up to Zawadism, a corruption of the Zaiydi faith. Zawadism is a form of political Islamism. Former minister and prominent human rights activist Radthiya Al Mutawakil protested against the detention of civilians, including a member of Islah of the opposing political party. The Mutawakil are the family of the former Imam, considered almost a scared Brahim caste to Zawadis. That is why a Brahmin saying that what they are doing goes to far is very threatening to Houthis.  There are many honest prominent intellectuals in that family like Mrs. Mutawaqil’s father and Dr. Sharafuddin who were assassinated.

Here is a summary of what happened, excerpts from a translation from Yemeni Abroad’s blog. It is similar to their online harassment of women by Houthis .

Saturday, the 19th of September, 2015 wasn’t the first time that I have come across “Houthiyat Allah” (The Female Houthis), for I had seen them previously; when they were sent to a female sit in protest which occurred in front of the Al-Gudeiri station in Sana’a on the 9th of August 2015. The protest related to the Houthi militia’s kidnapping of the leading figures in the Islah Party. At the time, I noted their red eyed glances at me filled with fury and incandescent rage as was similarly written about by the writer, Mahmoud Yasseen. Then, they screamed at into my face, that I had killed my own father and that I had sold him out at a cheap price. And that I was not worthy of association.

I watched stunned at how the Houthis modus operandi used these women as a tool to transform a situation of protest of victims against the oppression of a usurping power, and trans morph it into an inter-societal confrontation. Community against community. Women against women. A crowd against a protest of victims. It was horrific scene in its appearance then, and also horrific when contemplating it’s repercussions.

That Saturday, we had come out in support of an invitation from the family of the Islahi leader Muhammad Qahtan, who has been forcibly detained by the Houthis (Ansar-Allah) for five months now. His family had declared that they will take part in a sit-in, in front of the National Security Authorities building, calling for his release. A smaller number of activists, some of whom were later detained,(included: Abdul Rashid Al-Fagih, Mahmoud Yaseen, Ali Al-Bukhaiti, Majid Al Mathhaji, and Bassam Al-Warafi) decided to continue with the protest close to the National Security with the aim of negotiating with the head of the Houthi Militia to allow the families to, at the very minimum, see their incarcerated relations or have any kind of communication with them. They were after reassurance. We were optimistic as a number of Houthi representatives seemed to be engaging and negotiating with us.

She describes their tactic which has been used against many anti Houthi activists online.

Initially, they made it out to be that they were merely citizens passing by, entirely by coincidence, and tried to introduce themselves as such. They said they were passing by, happened to see this ‘troublesome, threatening’ gathering of protestors, and took it upon themselves to protect the nation from this protest which is ‘aiming to threaten the stability of this nation.’ Yet they seemed to know exactly that I am Rathiya Al-Mutawakil and they directed all of their attention to me, and me alone, and not at any other member of our group.

 It’s Rule 12 from Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. Houthi activists have been using a combination of Assad propaganda (an Iran-Russian-Nazi mashup) and social justice warrior left wing radicals like Code Pink they have at their protests.bullying tactic 12

code pink activist

Rooj Alwazir worked for them

alwazir biorooj 2

. But my colleagues sensed danger to the extent that Ali Al-Bukhaiti and Mahmood Yaseen felt it necessary to step in front of me to create a physical barrier between me and these women. Meanwhile, Abdul Rashid my husband and colleague, was at my side.

The leader of this group of women tried to win over Ali Al-Bukhaiti by showing him a modicum of respect and gratitude, for he was the political activist who represented the Houthi faction at the National Dialogue Committee but recently has started to be critical of their transgressions. She said to him that she follows his news and respects him. Then, when they started to gradually escalate tensions, and the exchange between them sharpened, one of these women said:

“You are one of us but the people of ‘04’ have pulled the wool over your eyes and fooled you!”

What she was referring to by the 04 reference were the people of Taiz. Who’s cars’ driving plates in that region of Yemen were identified by that number.

One of the typical Russian tactics is to break men through attacking women. In WW2, to Syria, Serbia Russia used rape as a weapon of war. On the internet they use the same tactic & train Iran & Assad who train Houthis. https://www.oximity.com/article/On-bots-and-trolls-who-own-them-1

Putin SYria women troll army similiarities


This prompted one to respond by saying that she felt sorry for me because I allowed myself to be in the company of men, implying a lack of morality on my part. They repeated that sentence many times and in a variety of ways. It was the first time since I married Abdul Rashid, who was holding my hand and shouting:

“This is my WIFE!! You have nothing to do with her!”

He felt he had to do this to protect me, and it was the first time that we had to do that, ever.

In the midst of all this commotion, their leader came up to me and grabbed my hand and said to me in what seemed to be a whisper:

Have a bit of shame, you are the daughter of Al-Mutawakil, how can you be so ‘provocative’ with your eyes??”

I was about to leave her as my focus was on the growing altercation around me when her words made me stop and I turned around and asked her:

“What do you mean by ‘provocative’ with my eyes??”

The Houthi woman moved her eyes in a strange fashion and she whispered:

“ All that Kohl, rouge, the excessive pampering..”

What she was doing was repeatedly trying to besmirch my reputation. To imply moral degeneracy not fit for the daughter of such a respected background.

Only one camera was allowed to film and that camera was the Al-Masira TV Channel carried by a very young man who was laughing in a mocking manner.

The woman surrounded us like flies. Physically and verbally transgressing at us, and even describing us as traitors (implying we support the Saudi participation in the war as they were told we were).

Again the Houthi women tried to break her through reputation. There used to be a saying, “A woman’s reputation is like glass, once it shatters you can’t put it back together.” New Day in old Sanaa discusses how reputation is everything to move up in Zawadi society.


The Houthis, men and women, in their history of denigration to my person, whether on Facebook or elsewhere, always deliberately label me as a traitor. A traitor who has fallen foul of my greater Hashemite family, and my smaller family, in particular, My father, God rest his soul, Doctor Muhammad Abdul-Malik Al-Mutawakil who they refer to and speak of as if they own the rights to and as if he would have approved of their transgressions and even their violation of his daughter. They try very hard to establish this as a fact to the utmost of their ability, and for those who don’t know who Dr. Mohammad Abdul-Malik Al-Mutawakil, then the introduction would be a long one. Suffice to say, he was a civic man ( a polar opposite to a familial or ethnocentric based intolerant.) who was assassinated on 2nd of November 2014. From that time till the present, the Houthis try, without success, in their efforts, to acquire him and what he symbolises to service their agenda. This is why their insults are prefaced with comments like:

“You killed your father…”

“You sold him out…”

“You betrayed your origins…”

They talk in a language of a familial intolerance more suited to child games played in a back yard. It is not the language of nation builders.

This sort of talk is new to Yemen, where the culture operates based on a tradition of wisdom.

The rage, the fury that was evident on these women around us wasn’t born that day, or that moment. It is the result of planned and studied incitement practiced by the Houthi Militia aimed at anyone who dares criticize their transgressions. To those who reproach them, they unleash a lynch mob of its followers against the target, with a carefully selected lies, such as, in our case: That we were supportive of the Saudi attacks and that we were supportive of the death of civilians. This lie is just as silly, if not sillier, than the previous lie

She was trembling with rage and to an extent that I knew would make her threats possible. So I said nothing.

The rage, the fury that was evident on these women around us wasn’t born that day, or that moment. It is the result of planned and studied incitement practiced by the Houthi Militia aimed at anyone who dares criticize their transgressions. To those who reproach them, they unleash a lynch mob of its followers against the target, with a carefully selected lies, such as, in our case: That we were supportive of the Saudi attacks and that we were supportive of the death of civilians. This lie is just as silly, if not sillier, than the previous lie

Which is again from Alisnki’s rules for radicals. Houthis are just simple cavemen but they are trained by a foreign country. A more comprehensive list of Alinski’s rules for radicals http://www.bestofbeck.com/wp/activism/saul-alinskys-12-rules-for-radicals

bullying tactic 12

Houthi women tried to isolate her from the men in the group, her husband had to hold her hand. In the beginning they say “why are you standing with men” (implying she is a prostitute looking for clients) when as a respectable woman from a royal family this is a ridiculous accusation. Her husband had to tell them to leave his wife alone! For the full details of this harrowing tale, read the full translation from the Yemeni Abroad blog https://yemeniabroad.wordpress.com/2015/09/25/english-translation-of-radthiya-al-mutawakils-houthi-women/

Online their favorite target used to be Maria Al-Masani, a 2011 revolutionary activist who joined the revolution for ethical reasons, not political gain and took a moral stand to support South Yemen against Houthis. New targets of bismirchment include Nadwa Dawsari, a scholar from Taiz specializing in mediation in Mareb, Rasha Jurham, a Ph.d student of South Yemeni background, Dr. Steve Day, a professors specializing in South and Central Yemen Studies and Thomas Wictor a weapons impact specialist who has been debunking Houthi propaganda through technical analysis. Most of these names are Yemeni women and foreign men.

Nadwa Dawsari and Rasha Jurham have spoken out against the coalition in Sanaa, Maria Al-Masani has been an outspoken supporter of the coalition due to doubting Houthi propaganda and Houthi lobbied NGOs. All were equally harassed regardless for condemning Houthi crimes in South and Central Yemen.

Here is a sample of the Houthi harassment of women online.

Case Study: Maria Al-Masani

saleh propagandist


This was in one hour towards Maria Al-Masani. Here is another.

11823871_10101023448862975_1149859229_n (1)


And Fernando Carvajal is known to associate with Sanabani who works for Ali Saleh.

sanabani bafana

Sanabani 2

fernando 1

Al-Masani’s father worked for the corrupt Ali Saleh and was a corrupt government official who later quit and repented. While he worked for Saleh, his excesses drove his daughter to pressure her mother to divorce her father and leave Yemen. The excuse they used to leave the country was that Al-Masani needed PTSD treatment in France. Ali Al-Ansi had blacklisted Maria Al-Masani from travelling. Instead she went to France on vacation, and left from France to the United States and never came back. An army of internet trolls try to push personal details the ex dictator Saleh’s family knew, some of which like “treatment in France” were not correct.

Al-Masani is a Seyyid, meaning comes from a bloodline that has a bizarre fetishized significance to Houthis & Zawadis and no one else. They assassinated her uncle Abdulaziz al Saqqaf for speaking out against Saleh and his zawadi elite. Other assassinated Seyyids include Dr. Shariffudin and Dr. Mutawaqil whose daughter had the harrowing experience with the Houthis. Seyyid women are more likely to get harassed, non-Zaiydi Seyyid women are considered second class Seyyid/Brahmin to Zawadi. Therefore Mrs. Mutawaqil was a major target.


Target-ting women has been considered a big shame in Yemeni culture, and Islam asks to leave women and elderly alone in warfare.

This proves Houthis have no shame no respect for Yemeni culture by trying to adopt the new Syrian/Iranian/Russian method of targeting women. Islam advocates limited war, while Houffash (Houthi-Saleh militas) attempt total war, and use western atheist totalitarian methods of total war, as were used in world war two.

Read the very bone chilling account of Human Rights Advocate Radthiya Al Mutawaki’s encounter with Houthi women, how Houthis dehumanize women for worldy power  https://yemeniabroad.wordpress.com/2015/09/25/english-translation-of-radthiya-al-mutawakils-houthi-women/

In conclusion, Houthis target women deliberately as a weapon of war. It is reprehensible that some NGOs who call themselves feminist advocate Houthi interests.


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